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for directors

By inspiration sessions, workshops and 1:1 coaching, I am helping directors to develop a digital mind-set. In a personalised teaching program, you can learn how you can utilize digital marketing, content and social media fast and on a strategic level: complicated technology is explained in comprehensive language. By understanding what the trends and possibilities are, you can tie (potential) clients to you and you avoid missing opportunities in an ever-changing world.
Maartje Blijleven.

Keynote speaker Maartje Blijleven

Are you looking for a speaker at your event, congress or teambuilding day? Great! Maartje is regularly asked as a keynote speaker to speak about:

  • Communities: why are they important to you as a professional and how can you easily use communities to remain relevant as individuals, professionals and companies?
  • Digital Technology: travel through the world of digital technology in a time frame of two hours and learn which trends and developments in the past, present and in the future are interesting for running your business .
  • Diversity in the creative industry: how do we stand for facts and figures? What are examples of diverse and inclusive campaigns and initiatives? Be inspired.
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It does not take much time and is super relevant, you receive a custom-made education.


Learn immediately how to improve your projection as a thought leader and your reputation.


Know the digital trends and technologies to tie your customers to you and to join the conversation about digital.


It is fun to learn something new that will have advantages for you, both personally and for your business.

Why do I want digital coaching as a director?

People have started to behave differently after the arrival of social media, smartphones and innovative technologies such as robotization, the internet of things, mixed reality and big data. The well-known ‘old’ way of marketing, communication and advertising does not work anymore. Ever more organizations undergo a digital transformation in order to hold on to a sustainable competitive advantage. That starts with the digital mindset of upper management.

“Maartje is a true asset to executives requiring a deeper understanding of the impact digital transformation and social media has on business today.”

Boudewijn Poelmann – Chairman Dutch Postcode Lottery (Nationale Postcode Loterij)

Maartjes clients include:

About Maartje Blijleven

Because of 18 years of experience in ‘digital’ I am well acquainted with the digital ecosystem. For my work as a freelance digital strategist, I am very much aware of the digital trends and developments. I gladly convey that knowledge by means of 1:1 coaching to board members and in my work as a digital strategist for A-brands. My specialty is to explain difficult innovative technology in everyday language.

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Maartje Blijleven