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There are various ways to work with me:

The Community Academy – especially for ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and companies

Do you find it difficult to activate your community as an ambitious professional or entrepreneur?

Your community is bleeding to death, maintaining your community will cost you (too) much time and you feel it does not produce anything. People hardly react, so you feel that your value is not being seen. That is of course a shame!

There is a way how you can solve this.

With the We love communities program you become a master in online communities. The online program contains videos, templates and a surprisingly easy We love communities 10-step plan. And lots of examples, tips & tricks and secrets from practice. With my personal guidance you quickly learn how to become successful with your online community.

As a result, people know where to find you and your company, you get fans and ambassadors who recommend you through word of mouth, your visibility grows and you attract more members and (potential) customers.

Go to www.welovecommunities.com for more information.


VIP Community Strategy Day

Do you not have a clear strategy and do you do something? Book this VIP community strategy day and walk away at the end of the day with a strategy that you can use for years through www.welovecommunities.com/vip.

Do you first want to get clear where your opportunities and bottlenecks are and whether we can help you with that? Request a free strategy interview via www.welovecommunities.com/call.

Keynote speaker or master class

Are you looking for a speaker at your event, conference or team building day to inspire a group of people? I would like to come to you! For more info, go to www.welovecommunities.com/masterclass or contact us via mail [at] welovecommunities.nl.

On www.welovecommunities.com you can find the most recent information about my projects and ways to work together. That is why I advise you to go to that website. You can also contact us via mail [at] welovecommunities.nl.

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On YouTube for interviews with Maartje and the best community experts from the Netherlands and beyond: youtube.com/MaartjeBlijleven
On Instagram for photos, quotes and behind the scenes: instagram.com/maartjeblijleven/
On LinkedIn for articles and tips. Feel free to connect with me, I like: linkedin.com/in/maartjeblijleven/

Maartje Blijleven

PS: just a short bio about me:

Maartje Blijleven is a digital community expert, keynote speaker and has worked for Endemol, KLM and Heineken, among others. She is a founder of We love communities and helps entrepreneurs and professionals to be successful with their online community. Her book will be published on 24 September. Including step-by-step plan and an online course.