"If you are also overburdened with digital developments and how they impact your business, I can wholeheartedly recommend Maartje.”

Boudewijn Poelmann, chairman Nationale Postcode Loterij

"Maartje's way of coaching is a pleasure. It provides both a quick inroad to core solutions, and lot of positive energy. Maartje is a true asset to executives requiring a deeper understanding of the impact digital transformation and social media has on business today."

Boudewijn Poelmann - Chairman Nationale Postcode Loterij

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"Maartje is able to think and act on strategical, tactical and operational level. She is result driven, pragmatic, delivers in time and ensures quality. Her excellent communication and organisation sensitivity skills lead to good teamwork with all stakeholders & projectteam members. "

Marie-Louise Mulleman - Sr. Project Manager Consumer Digital Tech at Nike

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"Maartje’s enormous dose of positive energy makes it a pleasure to have her in meetings and brainstorms. She gives her team the freedom to explore and is always up for new and innovative ideas. Maartje is able make dreams come true by bringing creative peoples ideas into real actions and (operational) marketing plans. I love her friendly and pragmatic way or working."

Valérie Boerma - Owner + Interior Designer at barde + vanVoltt

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"Above all, I was impressed with Maartje’s ability to manage projects and build solid client relationships. And, of course, her fast learning capability to adapt herself to an ever changing environment. A true asset for any company searching for digital professionals. I highly recommend."

Abelardo Ibañez - VP International Weborama

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