Would you like to claim thought leadership and increase your reputation and reliability? Make smart use of social media.

Are you not aware of how you can utilize social media for personal branding and do you have the feeling that you are not up to date? Are you afraid that you miss out on revenue because you don’t know how to reach (potential) clients via social media? Or, that you disapprove good ideas because you do not understand exactly how social media works?
Research shows that social media plays an important role in the development of though leadership, reputation and confidence. The role of the CEO and how he or she profiles him/herself via social media is crucial in this.
Most directors do not make use of the possibilities of social media sufficiently and therefore miss out on huge opportunities. Naturally, because as 40+ers they usually did not grow up with digital and social media and, how can you like what you don’t know?
Especially for that group I offer social media coaching. Together we review at a strategic level which knowledge is required to optimise your business management. And how you can utilise personal branding to strengthen your business image. One of my major clients said the other day: “Every CEO should do this.”

Why? What’s in it for me?

  • It is fun to learn something new which will be to your advantage, both personally and in your business
  • You receive independent advice from a digital first expert with 19 years of experience
  • Because of 1:1 coaching you can ask all your questions, also the obvious ones
  • It is easy, you receive a custom-made education
  • Take a peek into the kitchen: insight into relevant cases from real life
  • Improve your projection as a thought leader and the confidence in your brand

Work method

During an introduction interview, we decide together where the need for knowledge is and which subjects will be covered during the coaching sessions. Then I will develop a teaching plan. My advice is to reserve at least 1.5 hours every month for the session so that we actually make progress. Of course, I will treat all your information confidentially.

Research role of CEO as success factor

Still not convinced of the usefulness of social media as part of your business management and personal branding? Read this research about the role of the CEO as success factor on social media.