Would you like to prevent missing opportunities because you are not aware of digital trends and developments?


With the arrival of social media, smartphones and innovative technologies such as robotization, the internet of things, mixed reality and big data, people have started to behave differently. The tried and true “old” way of marketing, communication and advertisement no longer applies. Increasingly more organisations are undergoing a digital transformation in order to hold on to sustainable competitive advantages. That starts with the digital mindset of the upper management. Good 1:1 digital coaching helps companies to transform faster and to be better prepared for future changes. In that respect is my offer of strategic thinking, combined with 19 years of practical experience is unique.


Maartje teaches directors to develop a digital mindset through inspiring 1:1 coaching. In a personal teaching program, you learn in a short period how to apply digital marketing, content and social media on a strategic level: complicated technology is explained in understandable language. By understanding what the trends and possibilities are, you can tie (potential) clients to you and you avoid missing opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Digital transformation coaching
for directors

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Social media coaching
for directors

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Digital marketing and trends
for directors

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Why? What’s in it for me?

  • It is fun to learn something new which will be to your advantage, both personally and in your business 
  • Improve your projection as a thought leader and the confidence in your brand
  • Because of 1:1 coaching you can ask all your questions, also the obvious ones.
  • It does not take much time and it is super relevant, you receive a custom-made education
  • Take a peek into the kitchen: insight into relevant cases from real life
  • You receive independent advice from a digital first expert with 19 years of experience