Would you like to know how to utilise digital innovation to achieve your goals?


We love communities: How you become successful with your online community.

In a personal education program, you will learn in a short time how to utilise digital marketing, content and social media at a strategic level. Together we decide which knowledge is necessary to optimise your business management.
What the latest trends are that you should be aware of as a director in order to join the conversation. How you can utilise personal branding to strengthen your business image. One of my major clients said the other day: “Every CEO should do this.”

Session 1

Intake: inventory of current situation: how digital are the company and senior management now? Output is an education plan that we start with immediately.

Session 2

Inspiration: digital trends that are relevant for the company

Session 3

Focus on cases and concrete examples from real life.

Session 4

Specifically starting to work with theory and cases in the company: workshop.